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How to download anyone's Minecraft Skin

Read how you can download and view the Minecraft Skin from other players. Follow these steps to grab any skin in seconds and use in Minecraft on your PC or mobile phone!

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How to download a Skin for Minecraft Java Edition

Step 1:

To download someone's Minecraft skin, you will need to know their Minecraft username. A Minecraft Username typically has a length of 3 and 16 characters and can include these permitted characters:


You can find a player username in-game typically as a "name tag" above their head.

Step 2:

Start your search. You can enter a Minecraft Username in the search-bar on the homepage or at top of the page anywhere on the MinecraftSkinStealer website

Step 3:

View and download! Once you have found the Skin you would like to save, scroll to the download button that is always located on the right-hand side of your screen.

You can also take track of how many views and downloads each player has in the same module.

How to download a Skin for Minecraft PE

You can easily download a skin and use it in Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) as your own player skin for free.

Step 1:

Open MinecraftSkinStealer on your mobile phone. You can do this by entering minecraftskinstealer.com into the address bar, or by scanning a QR code of a player profile you found using your computer, by reading this guide How to download a skin for Minecraft Java Edition.

That's it!

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