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How do I change my Minecraft Skin?

If you would like to change your Minecraft Skin follow these steps.

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How to change your Skin in Minecraft Java Edition

Step 1:

First you want to download a skin of your liking. That can be either through the search bar at the top by downloading another skin, or by creating your own with the skin editor.
There are also many other websites that showcase and distribute popular skins.

Search for a player username

Step 2:

Once you have downloaded your skin, go to your profile on the official Minecraft website. Click on the burger menu icon, then select ‘Profile’ to log in with your Mojang account.

Then, from the sidebar select the "Skin" tab.

Visit the Minecraft website

Step 3:

Depending on the skin you downloaded, you need to chose the skin type that's compatible to it. You need to choose between "Classic" or "Slim" skin types.

Choose skin type

Step 4:

After choosing the skin type, scroll down and upload the skin you have downloaded. Click the "Upload" to save your new player skin.

Upload the image and save

Step 5:

Enjoy your new skin in game!

Screenshot of Minecraft Player looking into the camera

How to change your Skin in Minecraft PE

You can easily download a skin and use it in Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) as your own player skin for free.

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Step 1:

Now that you have downloaded the skin to your phone gallery you want to open up Minecraft PE.

Next, tap the wardrobe icon underneath your player.

How to import a skin

Step 2:

Once the customize menu opens, under the "Default" section, choose the third player model. It looks like an empty player skin. Then tap ‘Choose new skin’ on the top right corner.

This will open up your phone gallery. Select the correct album and skin, tap done and hit confirm on the bottom right corner.

Once Minecraft PE opens, tap the wardrobe icon underneath your player.

How to import a skin

That's it!

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