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How it started

Minecraft Skin Stealer was created by Rux as a fun personal project. It started in early 2013 as a very basic version, and evolved in 2015 to feature some more advanced tools. After almost 4 years of lots of concepting, ideation and crafting the new version was finally relased in June 2019.

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Minecraft Skin Stealer now provides many more advanced features.

Skin Viewer

The core of Minecraft Skin Stealer, view anyone's Minecraft skin and download it easily. You can now also see the username history and UUID of the player.

Search players

Skin Editor

Design and create your very own custom Minecraft skin with our powerful and intuitive skin editor. Import a skin you downloaded or start from scratch with the Steve or Alex template.

Edit Skins

Achievement Maker

Easy to use and highly custamizable achievements. You can often see them used as a forum signature, banner on social media or to create memes.

Make an achievement

Avatar Maker

Added in early 2014, this useful little tools helps you quickly generate a cute profile picture of your, or anyone's Minecraft skin to be used anywhere.

Create avatars

Banner Maker

Banners are tall decorative blocks, featuring a field that is highly customizable using dyes. Use this tool to visually create a banner.

Craft banners

Community Forum

Join our new community forums and discuss everything gaming and minecraft! Share your favourite skins, resource packs, builds and so much more!

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